Oklahoma City Red Cross Blood Drive

Dec 28, 2022

About the Event

Welcome to the Oklahoma City Red Cross Blood Drive organized by John P. Bennett, Attorney at Law. We are proud to support this life-saving event aimed at providing much-needed blood donations to those in need. By participating in this blood drive, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact and save lives.

Date and Time

The blood drive will take place on [insert date] from [insert time] at the [insert venue name], located at [insert address]. This event will span [insert duration]. We encourage everyone to take part and contribute towards this noble cause.

Why Donate Blood?

Donating blood is a simple yet powerful way to give back to the community. By donating, you are providing a lifeline to individuals in need of blood transfusions due to medical conditions, surgeries, accidents, and other emergencies. Your contribution can help save lives, including those of accident victims, cancer patients, and individuals undergoing major surgeries.

Be a Hero, Save Lives

Every blood donation has the potential to save up to three lives. Imagine the impact you can make by taking a small step and donating blood. Your generosity can make a significant difference in someone's life. Join us at the Oklahoma City Red Cross Blood Drive and become a hero in your community.

Eligibility and Preparation

To donate blood, you must meet certain eligibility criteria. The basic requirements include being at least 17 years old, weighing at least 110 pounds, and being in good overall health. Before donating, make sure to eat a healthy meal, drink plenty of fluids, and get a good night's sleep to ensure your well-being.

Donation Process

The blood donation process is safe, sterile, and typically takes about an hour. It involves a series of steps, including registration, a brief medical screening, and the actual donation process. Our team of trained professionals will guide you throughout the process and ensure your comfort and safety.

Benefits of Donating Blood

Aside from the immense satisfaction of knowing you've helped save lives, there are additional benefits to donating blood. It offers an opportunity for a mini-health checkup, as each donation includes a basic screening of your blood pressure, pulse rate, and hemoglobin levels. Additionally, donating blood may help reduce the risk of certain health conditions by balancing iron levels in the body.

Spread the Word

Please help us spread the word about the Oklahoma City Red Cross Blood Drive. Share this information with your friends, family, and colleagues who may be interested in making a difference. Together, we can ensure a successful event that provides ample blood donations to those in need.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like further information about the blood drive, please feel free to contact us at [insert contact information]. We are here to support you and provide all the necessary details for your participation.


Participating in the Oklahoma City Red Cross Blood Drive organized by John P. Bennett, Attorney at Law is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the community, save lives, and make a lasting impact. Your blood donation can bring hope and renewed life to those who need it most. Join us on [insert date and time], and let's work together to make a difference!

Ayde Mendible
Amazing event! đŸ’‰ Making a difference one đŸ©¸donation at a time.
Oct 13, 2023