What Is Aggravated Assault And Battery Oklahoma In?

Nov 5, 2018


Welcome to John P. Bennett, Attorney at Law, where we provide unparalleled legal expertise in the field of criminal defense law. In this article, we will delve into the topic of aggravated assault and battery in Oklahoma, offering a comprehensive understanding of what it entails and how it is defined under the law.

Understanding Aggravated Assault and Battery

Aggravated assault and battery refers to a more severe form of assault and battery, classified as a violent crime in Oklahoma. It occurs when an individual intentionally causes serious bodily harm or uses a deadly weapon during the commission of the offense.

Elements of Aggravated Assault and Battery

To be charged with aggravated assault and battery in Oklahoma, several key elements must be present:

  • Intent: The accused must have intentionally caused harm, demonstrating a conscious desire to commit the offense.
  • Physical Injury: The assault must have caused substantial bodily harm or injury to the victim.
  • Deadly Weapon: The use of a deadly weapon, such as a firearm or knife, can elevate the offense to aggravated assault and battery, even without significant bodily injury.

Potential Penalties

In Oklahoma, aggravated assault and battery is a serious crime that carries severe penalties. The specific punishment depends on the specific circumstances of the offense, but potential penalties may include:

  • Felony Classification: Aggravated assault and battery is typically charged as a felony in Oklahoma.
  • Prison Sentence: Conviction can result in imprisonment for a significant period, ranging from several years to life, depending on factors like the severity of the harm caused and the use of a deadly weapon.
  • Additional Consequences: In addition to imprisonment, individuals convicted of aggravated assault and battery may face fines, probation, mandatory anger management classes, and even difficulty finding future employment due to their criminal record.

Defenses in Aggravated Assault and Battery Cases

If you are facing charges of aggravated assault and battery in Oklahoma, having a skilled criminal defense attorney like John P. Bennett on your side is crucial. With extensive experience in handling similar cases, John P. Bennett understands the complexities of the law and can develop effective defense strategies tailored to your unique circumstances.

Some common defenses in aggravated assault and battery cases may include:

  • Self-Defense: Demonstrating that you acted in self-defense can be a valid defense against an aggravated assault and battery charge.
  • Lack of Intent: If intent cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, it may help in reducing or dismissing the charges against you.
  • Witness Credibility: Challenging the credibility of the prosecution's witnesses or presenting witnesses who support your version of events can be effective in creating reasonable doubt.

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